Fire engulfs flats

More than 200 residents evacuated, several injured A block of flats in Palma has been destroyed following a devastating fire. The blaze at the flats, located on Calle Francesc Fiol, started at around 7am and spread extremely quickly. By the time firefighters arrived at 7:30 the fire was burning out of control and it took around 200 emergency workers to evacuate the complex. Incredibly, nobody lost their life in the inferno, but one man suffered burns and a woman was taken to hospital for smoke inhalation. It is believed that the fire started on the third floor of the block and within only a few minutes had spread to the three floors above. Flames were visible on the upper balconies. Residents found themselves out on the street, many still wearing pyjamas, watching as their homes were destroyed. The intensity of the fire destroyed several flats completely. Forensic experts are now trying to determine the cause of the fire.