The Mallorca


Luxury catamaran crashes in to rocks

Nobody injured in incident

A craft used to take tourists along the coast from Calvia was found smashed on rocks yesterday morning. Accident investigators have concluded that the catamaran broke free from its seabed mooring during a storm and drifted down the coast without anyone on board. Although there may have been several witnesses to the craft as it made its crewless voyage, nobody reported seeing anything unusual.

Eventually, with the wind changing direction, the catamaran was driven onto rocks outside a popular hotel in Santa Ponca where it was discovered in a badly damaged state. Although there was fuel on board only a small amount is said to have leaked into the sea. The owner, who was alerted to the incident by emergency services, is said to be well-known locally.

Can You Order Tramadol Online Salvage boats are unable to get near the stricken vessel and crews are currently trying to decide the best way of removing the wreckage from its inaccessible position.