The Mallorca


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  • Roscón de Reyes

    Roscón de Reyes

    History and Origins of Roscón de Reyes Roscón de Reyes, also known as King’s Cake, is a traditional Spanish dessert that is typically enjoyed during the holiday season. This sweet treat holds a special place in Spanish culture and is often associated with the celebration of Epiphany, which commemorates the visit of the Three Wise…

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  • The three holy kings arrive to palma (Cabalgata de reyes)

    One of the most important customs during the three kings’ visit to Palma is the Cabalgata de Reyes, or the Three Kings Parade. This colorful and lively procession attracts thousands of locals and tourists alike, who line the streets to catch a glimpse of the kings and their entourage. The parade features elaborately decorated floats,…

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  • Deia dreaming in Mallorca

    Deia is one of the most exclusive towns in Mallorca. There is something there that makes it special, it smells money without being a news rich town. Deia is where the Hotel La Residencia is located. La Residencia used to be property of Richard Brandson. Right now La Residencia is considered to be the best hotel of Mallorca, but…

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