Gang of burglars arrested in swoop codenamed ‘Operation Duke’ Manacor police say that 11 people detained in connection with a spate of robberies are thought to be connected to more than 40 break-ins in recent months. The joint operation has been termed ‘Operation Duke’.

Buying Tramadol In Canada A joint investigation by the Civil Guard, the National Police and the Local Police in Manacor in close collaboration led to the arrest of the gang. Following a spate of robberies in the Llevant, the Civil Guard and National Police began to suspect they were tracking the same people and decided to pool resources.

The gang´s criminal activities stretched across the Llevant area to include Porto Cristo, S’Illot, Cala Morlanda and Sa Coma. They also targeted homes in Sant Llorenç des Cardassar, Son Servera and Capdepera. The initial investigations began several months ago. Given the complexities arising from the investigation, the Judicial Police of the Civil Guard and their counterparts from the National Police Corps initiated the so-called ‘Operation Duke’.

Investigators monitored the gang for several months using discreet surveillance methods to ascertain how well organized they were. It was discovered that some members were placed in charge of monitoring the movements of householders, while others were given the task of preventing the Civil Guard or the National Police from catching the perpetrators in the act of burgling properties. Plasma televisions, computers, music, cameras, jewelry, tools and clothing constituted the bulk of the stolen property targeted by the gang.

Best Place For Tramadol Online The final phase of ‘Operation Duke’ was conducted on Tuesday in which a number of buildings were sealed off to prevent gang members from escaping during the arrests. The bulk of the action took place in s’Illot, with a father and son being arrested at one address. Among the eleven detainees, who appeared in court yesterday, ten are of Spanish nationality and one is German. Some of those arrested are also involved in drug trafficking, with much of the stolen property being exchanged for cocaine, it is thought. (WC)