Dead baby found in ventilation shaft

Investigators seek foreign mother who left immediately after birth

Police are investigating the discovery of the body of a newborn baby boy whose body was discovered shoved down an air conditioning vent at a villa complex in the ‘Sometimes’ zone of Palma. Local residents had earlier alerted police after reporting an unpleasant smell. Investigators discovered the body of a newborn child after looking down a ventilation shaft outside the bathroom window. Removing the body proved to be difficult and fire fighters were forced to demolish a wall to retrieve it. Police say that the body they recovered was of a baby boy with the placenta and umbilical chord still attached. The investigation will now determine whether the death was a homicide or whether the baby was born dead. The main assumption at present is that the baby was born about four days ago and then the mother pushed it down the ventilation shaft. An autopsy will determine whether the child was born alive or dead. The National Police Agency say the assumed mother is a foreign national who returned to her home country immediately after the birth, but did not give any further details.