Bombing: focus shifts to local radicals

Suspicion that the attack was perpetrated with the help of Balearic nationalists

Police are no closer to establishing who was behind the bomb attack on Thursday that killed two members of the Civil Guard. Although the main suspects remain Eta, terrorism experts in Palma are concentrating their efforts on investigating a number of radical groups on the Balearics.

The groups under suspicion, comprised mostly of young radicals, are linked to Catalan independence organisations. “We don’t believe these groups collaborated, at least consciously, with the terrorist group that attacked Mallorca – but you never know,” a terrorism expert told the Diario de Mallorca. But if any collaboration had occurred it would not have been the first time. Last January several followers of the football club Atletico Balears were arrested and their homes searched. The home of one of them was found to contain correspondence with Eta terrorists in which the two agreed that they shared some common ideologies. Sources close to the investigation told te Diario de Mallorca yesterday that so far there is no concrete evidence that home-grown radicals were cooperating with external terrorist groups but added that the attack would have been meticulously planned, which would have been difficult without the help of people familiar with the environs.