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  • 15 Years without bigger ports

    The Government Council has approved the General Plan for Balearic Islands Ports, which prevents the construction and expansion of new ports on the islands for the next 15 years. The plan has been prepared with the consensus of the nautical sector and the administrations involved and proposes concrete and low-impact solutions to rearrange the moorings,…

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  • Google travel?

    On July 1, 2010, Google announced an agreement to acquire ITA Software. What is this and why does this affects a regular traveler like you? well if you visit their page you will see that they provide fly search for companies like: Tripadvisor, Continental, American Airlines, bing…. adding that google has the listing of

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  • 350 Million euro

    That is the price tag for the crisis of the planes. The companies located in Mallorca: Air Berlin, ten million euro, Air Europa, ten million euro. READ THE NEW

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  • Restaurants show economic resilience

    Latest figures show a fall in registered companies, but hospitality sector holds out The Baleraics lost about 2000 companies in 2009, with at least half of them coming from the construction sector. New government figures reveal that in January there were a total of 36,994 companies registered, reflecting the disappearance of 1864 companies – or…

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  • Property sales drop 65% in one year

    Expectations of further price drops impedes purchasers The sale of resale properties in the Balearics has fallen by 65% since last year. In 2008 around 25 new properties were sold every day whereas the figure today is closer to eight. Reacting to the new figures the Society of Taxations has warns that purchase prices are…

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  • New roads approved

    33.6 kilometres of new highways to be constructed.

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  • Christmas dinner falls victim to economy woes

    Christmas dinner falls victim to economy woesFestive bookings by companies down 30% on previous years.

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  • Tennis ace Nadal to represent Balearics

    The world’s number one tennis player, Rafel Nadal, has been chosen to be the representative of the Balearic islands to the outside world. It is hoped that Nadal’s highly visible public profile will encourage Europeans to visit the islands. “This is a measure of shock advertising in the face of the difficult 2009 season that…

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